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China Import Customs Clearance Service

If you are shipping any goods into China, they must be cleared by China Customs. China customs recommends the use of a customs broker due to the complex requirements and complicated forms required to receive China customs clearance.

As a licensed China customs broker,Trans Hope acts as an agent for an importer or exporter and conducts Customs business on their behalf. We will perform all necessary steps to obtain China Customs clearance for your goods in order to get your shipments released and delivered to their final destination in a timely manner.

Choosing a customs broker is an important decision and can often mean the difference between an on-time shipments and costly delays.In order to be a customs broker one must be licensed by China customs and Border Protection. Specifically, a customs broker prepares and files the necessary Customs entries, arranges for the payment of duties found due, takes steps to affect the release of the goods in customs custody, and represents their clients in custody matters.

A customs broker must have an excellent understanding of trade requirements and procedures and customs and tariff regulations. Trans Hope is on the cutting edge and keep our clients updated with these frequently changing policies. We can advise on transportation options, types of carriers,and shipping routes and will also assist the client with exchange rates, appraisals, and proper classifications and duties, including all factors affecting appraisement and the many regulations concerning calculation of duties.

Our operation often transcends Customs, calling for contact with over 40 other government agencies, such as the CCIC(China Certification & Inspection(Group)Co.,Ltd .),CIQ(China Entry-Exit Inspection And Quarantine Bureau),CFDA(China food and drug administration)

A customs broker must be aware of any potential problem involving every entry item represented, including cargo handling and other government agency requirements, so we work with each client individually to avoid problems and facilitate a smooth, efficient supply chain.

Choose Trans Hope, Choose Easy Import!